**The DALC is currently closed for summer break and will resume on Monday, August 5th. To enroll in summer computer classes, please contact Tyler Ward at tward@dpsnd.org. 

Did you know that our students are allowed to bring babies (age 6 months and under) with them to classes at the DALC? Check out the new nursery room for parents and nursing mothers!

We Have Moved!

The Dickinson Adult Learning Center is excited to announce our expansion into a bigger, fully accessible space! We will now be located at 402 4th Street West in Dickinson, in what was formerly known as Hagen Junior High. To access the ALC, please use Door #3 on the North side of the building and take the stairs or elevator to the 3rd floor.
With the expanded facility, we are also revamping enrollment: GED and ELL classes will now be administered over the course of 8 weeks, beginning September 6th. To sign-up, you must reserve a place for registration prior to September 6th. A complete schedule of additional details and computer class times will be released soon.
For questions, or to enroll, please call 701-456-0008 or email us at dickinsonalc@dpsnd.org
The North entrance for the DALC
Door #3 North Entrance


The Dickinson Adult Learning Center at 336 5th Street West will be moving to a new location this summer! Due to the preparations required for moving, the learning center will now be ending this school year on May 25th, 2017 and will not maintain summer school hours in June or August of this year (although we may offer some summer computer classes if equipment and staff become available). Updated May schedules are available under the Hours tab for all classes. If you had received or printed a May 2017 schedule prior to May 8th, 2017, please check out the updated schedules for May as the hours have significantly changed for certain classes.

An Emphasis on College & Career Readiness

This year at the Dickinson Adult Learning Center, the spotlight is on the future – preparing our students for lifelong success. Each time a student enrolls in a course, they are asked to set one or more goals for themselves that can be measured and monitored as they proceed with their journey in education. Additionally, this year we are taking it one step further and providing each student Career pathwith the support and guidance to ensure the skills necessary for employment and economic self-sufficiency. This includes the transition to post-secondary education and training as well as career pathways and job placement.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a mission to strengthen the workforce development system, strives to increase “…access to and opportunities for the employment, education, training, and support services” individuals need to succeed in the labor market. By partnering with Vocational Rehabilitation of North Dakota as well as Job Service of Dickinson, the DALC intends to play our part in the prosperity of adults in need of assistance.

For more information, or to learn about the exciting details included in WIOA, visit www.opportunitynation.org.