Displaced Homemakers

The Dickinson Adult Learning Center is proud to be a part of the Displaced Homemaker Program. This program can help individuals move from the role of homemaker to the workplace by getting you started on building the necessary skills.

What is a displaced homemaker?

A displaced homemaker is someone who has worked primarily in the home providing unpaid services to their family and now finds themselves without income due to divorce, separation, abandonment, or the death or disability of a spouse.

If you have been a primary family caregiver, are unemployed, or underemployed and are worried about finding a job to support yourself, the Displaced Homemaker Program is for you!

How can this program help me?

If you qualify for the Displaced Homemaker program, the DALC will happily provide any of the following services free of charge.

  • Basic skills upgrading, such as reading, writing, computer and keyboard usage, and driver’s literacy
  • Preparation and completion of the GED program
  • English language instruction and help with citizenship preparation
  • Assistance with your job search, including training for resume writing and interview techniques
  • Referrals to other community services that can help you
  • Help exploring your opportunities for higher education

Start today on the path to a better tomorrow!